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The Shadow Keeper Scary Party The Shadow Keeper Scary Party

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Android 1.1.0 the-shadow-keeper:-scary-party-android-1.1.0.apk

The Shadow Keeper is a party game created to spend a terrifying Halloween night.

Take the role of the Keeper, the villain, and torment your guests in this fun game. Whether around a fire or in a dark house, The Shadow Keeper is a scary game designed to play in company.

Turn any boring night into a night of terror. Perfect to scare your guests at a slumber party, an adult halloween party or a camp.

The Shadow Keeper mixes elements from different games as the live role-playing games, gymkhanas, 'Treasure Hunt' or storytelling. Despite being a scary game, due to its core mechanics, it's easy to adapt for any person of any age.

This app is a small guide to explain the rules to the Keeper, and give some suggestions and advice. On the inside, you have everything you need to start playing.

Do you like the horror, mystery and fantasy? Download now The Shadow Keeper, the perfect Halloween party.

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Downloads 122
Last Updated 2016-10-10 18:16:54
Developer Pirgos Arcana

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