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Pocket Tourettes Guy Pocket Tourettes Guy

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Android 1.0 pockettourettesguy314-10.apk

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Warning - This app contains strong language and is intended for mature audiences!

Pocket Tourettes Guy is an epic soundboard app featuring over 50 high quality sound clips from the infamous Tourettes Guy. It is the most advanced Tourettes Guy soundboard available on the market today. Features include:

- Over 50 high quality Tourettes Guy sound clips
- Play sounds individually, in loop mode, or mix and match
- Use to make phone calls
- Set the sounds as your notifications or ringtones
- Share the soundclips with your friends on social media
- Mix things up with random playback mode

If you are ready for an insanely funny soundboard app, you need to check out Pocket Tourettes Guy today!

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Downloads 350
Last Updated 2015-06-20 16:20:40
Developer Ape Apps
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