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Night Vision Night Vision

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Android 3.2.2 night-vision-android-3.2.2.apk

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Activate Night Vision on your device! This app is a Night Vision Goggle simulator. It utilizes your rear facing camera with a green monochrome tint and full exposure settings to simulate a night vision goggle experience. Try it out! And leave suggestions for improvements!

Have you always wished that you could have night vision goggles like in the movies or video games, but you just didn't have the coin? Well, now you can! Mileage will vary based on device. Some device cameras work better than others.

You can also take sweet night vision pictures and save them to your SD card. Simply press the save button. The pictures will be saved to SD Card/Pictures/Night Vision.

Leave comments on how to make the app better! This app is for you guys! No go do some hunting or stalking or something with night vision!

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Last Updated 2019-02-23 12:04:10
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