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Network Browser Network Browser

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Network Browser is a simple file manager/browser utility for browsing files on your Windows network. It can connect to standard Windows or Samba shares. Use it to browse files on your Samba shares, view pictures, play network music, watch videos that you are on your network, etc.

Presently, Network Browser should be able to connect to most Microsoft Windows or Linux and Mac OSX smb samba network shared folders. You need to know the IP address of the network server you are trying to connect to. You can connect as guest, or supply your username and password.
on your network, etc.

You can also open files that you find on your network. Tapping on a file will open it in the default editor on your Android system. Currently saving and uploading is not supported, but if there is interest in the project I can certainly work to add these features.

Network Browser relies on functionality from the JCIFS library, which can be found here:

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