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Linux ARMv7 1.33.0

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My Land is a Sim Farm inspired simulation game from the makers of the award winning god simulation My Planet. You begin the game with a blank plot of land and $5000. From there, it is up to you to make it your own. You can create a farm with crops and animals, or you can create a commerce area with side walks and pizza stands, or you can create a nature park with lakes and trails. The choice is yours!

In My Land, you may take up several avenues of revenue generation. You can do farming, business, or run a nature trail system. The farm is where the easiest money is to be made. There are no real rules to the simulation, so you can basically do anything you want to. Feel free to explore all that the game has to offer!

If you are looking for a nice laid back farm sim game and do not want to be bothered with constant in app purchase requirements and financial nags, then try My Land today!

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My Land is a totally free app, but users may wish to purchase a premium upgrade license which removes all in-app advertising and supports further development. Generally, the premium license can be purchased from each individual app store, but if you buy the license directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a physical license key file that allows you to unlock the premium ad-free experience on every supported platform. Find out more at the My Land purchase site here: Purchase My Land

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Last Updated 2020-12-31 16:31:36
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