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Moustache Me Moustache Me

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Android 3.0 moustacheme129-30.apk

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Give yourself an awesome mustache with Moustache Me! Uses your front facing camera and graphical overlays to give yourself a sweet stache. Use it to try one on before you go through the trouble of growing one! Save the pictures to your phone to share with your friends or post them on Facebook! Take awesome mustache selfies!

Simply look into the screen, line your face up to the mustache, and press the Save button. Pictures are saved to your SD card in the pictures/Moustache Me folder. There are also several different mustaches to choose from. Press the settings button (or menu if your phone has a menu button) and tap on the Toggle Overlay setting. This will switch between the different mustaches that you can put on your face!

Impress your friends! Make new ones! Get the girl! All is possible with Moustache Me!

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Last Updated 2015-06-25 23:46:07
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