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Mood Scanner Mood Scanner

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Mood Scanner is the ultimate feelings detection app available on the market today. It is a fingerprint scanner that tells you your mood of feeling. Simply place your thumb on the scanner, and your device will scan your fingerprint and tell you how you are feeling based on your thumb print scan! Fun to play with friends, and you can even share your results on your favorite social networks! Supports both phone and tablet devices.

Mood Scanner is a prank fingerprint scanner app that attempts to determine your mood based on your thumbprint scan. You can also customize the response that the app gives in order to play jokes on your friends. Meant for entertainment purposes only.

Features include:
- Realistic looking scan tray and scan bar
- Force feedback vibration, you can really feel the finger scan
- Scan speed adjustments for perfect precision
- Custom response options for playing pranks on your friends
- In-app sharing options to share the detection fun with your pals on Google Plus or Facebook!

Mood Scanner was formerly known as Mood Ring and so if you are looking for my old mood ring app, this is it. The mood detection algorithms are the same, I just changed it to the fingerprint scanner layout.

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Mood Scanner is a totally free app, but users may wish to purchase a premium upgrade license which removes all in-app advertising and supports further development. Generally, the premium license can be purchased from each individual app store, but if you buy the license directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a physical license key file that allows you to unlock the premium ad-free experience on every supported platform. Find out more at the Mood Scanner purchase site here: Purchase Mood Scanner

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