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Metal Detector Metal Detector

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Lost your earring behind in the couch? Prospecting for gold out on the beach? Looking for that nail in your tire? Solve all of these problems and more with this handy Metal Detector app for your phone!

Metal Detector uses your devices Electromagnetic Field sensors to detect nearby metallic or magnetic objects. The app displays the X, Y, and Z field sensor readings and gives you the total electromagnetic field strength measured in microteslas. Normal ambient EMF readings fall around the 20 - 40┬ÁT range, so anything beyond that could be something interesting!

Metal Detector detects electromagnetic waves and metal objects using your phones sensors. While you are using the app, keep a close eye on the readout meter. When there is metal in the area, the readout should increase. If it gets up to the red zone, then you have probably found something good! Magnets tend to give unusually strong readings. Do not be discouraged, you will detect metal out there.

- Uncover Captain Black Beard's hidden buried treasure on your next beach visit!
- Recover lost items that you assumed would be gone forever!
- Some claim that EMF readings can be used to detect the presence of ghosts and other spirits. Who knows?
- Impress the ladies at the club with your amazing metal detection abilities. Chicks dig dudes with gadgets!
- Make your lowly iPhone friends jealous when they see your Android's superior capabilities!
- Use your imagination! You never know what you might find. It could change your life!

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