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IQ Scanner 2 IQ Scanner 2

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IQ Scanner 2 is a brand new high tech fingerprint scanning app that can tell what your intelligence quotient (IQ) level is bases solely on your thumb print scan! Simply place your finger on the scan tray, wait for the scan to complete, and see what the app thinks your IQ is! It's the easiest way to tell how smart you are! Why bother with a lengthy IQ test when you can just scan your finger instead?

IQ Scanner 2 is designed for entertainment purposes only. Your device will not actually be able to determine your IQ based on the results of this scan. Although if you believe the results, they are most likely to be accurate. This is a great app though for pranks, parties, of for impressing the ladies at the club! The ultimate joke prank IQ scanner app from Ape Apps!

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Last Updated 2013-09-19 00:00:00
Developer Ape Apps
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