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Insect Repellent Insect Repellent

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Turn your insect problem into a Final Solution with Insect Repellent!

Insect Repellent is a brand new high tech futuristic software package that emits a high pitched sonic frequency which some believe capable of repelling mosquito and other insects. The ultrasound can create a barrier of defense around your picnic that mosquitoes, flies, gnats, ants, and other bugs will want to avoid.

People pay top dollar for ultrasonic high frequency audio blasters at game and sport shops around the country. Why not get the same system for free using a device you already own. Because the capabilities of every device vary, we cannot fully guarantee that Insect Repellent will work for you. But with no cost and a small memory footprint, you literally have everything to gain and nothing to lose! So next time you and your family venture out into the great outdoors, keep the crawlers and fliers at bay with Insect Repellent!

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