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Fail Sounds Fail Sounds

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Win32/64/Mac/Linux 3.0.0 Available on the Ape Apps Launcher
Android 3.0.3 fail-sounds-android-3.0.3.apk
HTML5 3.0.0

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The sweet sound of failure. When someone does or says something dumb, whip out this fail sounds soundboard and let them know they failed!

A fun joke or prank soundboard app featuring multiple fail sound effects, including fail trumpets, trombones, and buzzers! You can use the sounds as your ringtones or play them in infinite loop mode!

Are you tired of being surrounded by complete failures? Are you fed up with epic fails happening all around you with nothing you can do about it? Do you wish you were not always the smartest guy in the room? Now you can let people know when they have failed epicly with the Fail Sounds sound board app!

- Full soundboard full of fail sound effects!
- Features fail trumpets, trombones, and buzzers!
- Play the sounds solo, multiple at a time, in infinite loop mode, or set to ring tones!
- Great for school home or office pranks!
- Impress the ladies at the club, they will love this app!
- It's so much fun, you will be playing fail sounds to everyone you meet!

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Last Updated 2019-04-17 16:08:53
Developer Ape Apps
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