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Extreme Police Chase Extreme Police Chase

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Android 1.0.1 extremepolicechase349-101.apk

The Clan of the Skull is causing chaos on the highways of the city. The escape of the criminals after robbing banks, cause countless accidents and victims. As patrolman, your skill as a driver is the only thing that can stop them.

Get behind the wheel of your police car, chase criminals and recover the stolen money. With the recovered money you can improve the driving and characteristics of your vehicles and add new ones to the collection of the police station.

★ 5 incredible cars of police to get and improve.
★ Overcomes the challenges of each car and become the best police driver in the world.
★ Everything you are looking for in a racing or driving game, with a simple and intuitive gameplay.
★ Great variety of enemies and vehicles that you will have to chase or dodge.
★ Physics in crashes and FX that will make you feel the actor on your own driving and action film.
★ Collect the bonus of the road to make money, repair or refueling your police car; and dodge oil stains and strip spikes.
★ It is not PAYTOWIN. This game can be overcome with effort, patience, and your skill at the wheel. All cars are free and you won't have to pay for them.

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Downloads 202
Last Updated 2016-04-15 06:30:49
Developer Pirgos Arcana

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