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DB Radar DB Radar

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Android 2.0 dbradar109-20.apk

It's a novelty radar that tries to detect the presence of DB's!

Picture this. You're out at the club, there are popped collars everywhere, but you can't be certain which ones are on genuine DB's or cheap imitators. Never be in that bind again with the DB Radar!

Keep in mind that DB (stands for douche bag by the way) Radar doesn't actually do anything. It's just a fun prank app to show to your friends and it will probably make everybody think that you are cool. Or not. Who knows? Try it and see!

SO what are you waiting for? Impress your friends! Honor your ancestors! Get the girl! All is possible with DB Radar!

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Downloads 672
Last Updated 2016-02-08 17:29:47
Developer Ape Apps
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