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Crack My Screen Crack My Screen

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Crack My Screen is the ultimate broken screen prank game from Ape Apps! Don't be fooled by the rest, get the best! Guaranteed to make your friends and family think they broke your phone! Watch their faces and laugh as they break your Android device. Pull the prank on your parents and you may even get a free new phone out of the deal!

An amazing app that makes people think your screen is cracked. Once you open the app, tapping on the screen causes a vibration and a 'crack' to appear on the screen. Start the app, turn the screen off, and hand the phone to an unsuspecting friend. Once they unlock it and try to start an app, they will think they broke your phone! An awesome prank!

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Downloads 8614
Last Updated 2016-03-07 17:07:50
Developer Ape Apps
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