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Web Browser 0.9.0
Win32/64/Mac/Linux 0.9.0 Available on the Ape Apps Launcher
Android 0.9.0 ape-city-android-0.9.0.apk
Windows 64bit (7/8/10) 0.9.0
Windows 32bit (7/8/10) 0.9.0
Windows ARM 0.9.0
macOS (Intel) 0.9.0
macOS (ARM) 0.9.0
Linux x64 (Intel/AMD) 0.9.0
Linux ARM64 0.9.0
Linux ARMv7 0.9.0

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Welcome, Mayor, to the ultimate city simulation!

Ape City is a a fresh city simulation game based on the original classic city simulator, featuring epic hand drawn graphics and classic gameplay. You become mayor and take charge of an empty plot of land, tasked with building and creating your own sim empire from scratch! Along the way, you will have to care for and provide for your citizens, deal with crime and pollution, navigate the waters of the external market economy, respond to disasters, and more. All while trying to build and grow your very own city!

Ape City is purely a classic city simulation game, with no pay to play schemes and no annoying diamonds to sell. My goal with the game is to create an honest replication of the original city simulation game. Right now there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, so feedback is greatly appreciated. Check out the official Ape City forums (link provided within the game) for the latest updates on feature progression and the roadmap for what lies ahead. And by the way, Ape City is being created totally from scratch. I am not utilizing any code or assets from the open source Micropolis project.

If you love city simulation games (like I do) but are tired of the constant in app purchase festivals which have become the norm for this genre, then I think that this game is for you. The original city simulator was my all time favorite game when I was growing up, so I want to make this a game that I will want to enjoy playing as well!

Remove Advertising

Ape City is a totally free app, but users may wish to purchase a premium upgrade license which removes all in-app advertising and supports further development. Generally, the premium license can be purchased from each individual app store, but if you buy the license directly from Ape Apps, you will recieve a physical license key file that allows you to unlock the premium ad-free experience on every supported platform. Find out more at the Ape City purchase site here: Purchase Ape City

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