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Platform Version File
Windows 64bit (7/8/10) 1.6.0
Windows 32bit (7/8/10) 1.6.0
Windows ARM 1.6.0
macOS (Intel) 1.6.0
macOS (ARM) 1.6.0
Linux x64 (Intel/AMD) 1.6.0
Linux ARM64 1.6.0
Linux ARMv7 1.6.0

The Ape Apps Launcher is a desktop application for downloading and installing all available Ape Apps desktop games and applications. Keep all of your favorite Ape Apps software in one easy to access place and stay up to date on everything with automatic updates. Applications downloaded through the Ape Apps Launcher share resources which can dramatically reduce hard drive space consumed by users who have multiple Ape Apps programs installed on their computers.

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Downloads 5152
Last Updated 2021-01-20 19:42:26
Developer Ape Apps
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